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Her style varies between impressionism and abstract. Leticia approaches reality through impressionism, always while trying to capture an instant. Her impressionistic style is characterised by the dominant strength of light in her landscapes. She applies the use of pure colours to capture the tone of the actual light of the moment giving rise to a chromatic contrast. The light varies in the landscapes, while coordinating it to the atmospheric phenomena which needs to be represente. Attracted by another phenomenon like water, she enhances its reflection with utmost detail giving an impression of clarity in her paintings. At the same time, one can find cloudy and foggy landscapes providing depth and peace to the landscape.


Her second style is based on abstract painting, where she shows a mere reflection of her feelings, a deepening of herself and the clear expression of her emotions. While this style is different from impressionism, the painter continues keeping her fundamental pillar in her paintings, which is the light. This is her special touch that gives strength in the paintings. She uses a technique where it reflects contrasts and also harmony of colours. She varies with textures and reliefs in the same canvas, she plays and improvises in the moment with her imagination and current emotional state.